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ALC Sand Blaster

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Recently I received this question on my e-mail box:

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“Due the nature of my work I am looking for a good solution for my sandblasting needs and a close friend who is also a construction expert has recommended me ALC Sand Blasters. What are the ALC Sand Blasters and are they good?”

You, probably, have specific needs in your work. We need to know more carefully the nature of your work and the industrial applications to be done with the ALC Sand Blasters.

This kind of industrial tools is designed for rust treatment and, specifically talking, about rust removal using abrasive blasting. ALC Sandy Jet is a good company specialized in sand blasters. They have different sand blaster models in their catalog, with different pressures for numerous needs. You can see an example of these sandblasting machines in the photo below.

The use of silica sand or any other silica-based product is not recommended in any abrasive blaster. Besides abrasive blaster operators must wear adequate personal sandblasting protective equipment.

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  1. Hi I own a ALC sandblast pot Model F-65DS. I need the grit valve that is on the bottom of pot. The type on the pot is the remote air controled type. Stamped in the valve is ITT DIA FLO MP 36 3/4″ (Pipe threads)
    Do you have this valve?

  2. Just bought a 150lb ALC blasting machine. It comes with 1/8″ and 5/32″ ceramic tips. The air compressor I have is an 80 gal. tank, 29.5 cfm at 90 psi. Is this compressor big enough to run this machine properly using the provided ceramic tips?

  3. hello i own a alc sandy jet model f-100dm[40002] and i am searching for the tank closure gasket ,and want to know were i can find it thanks

  4. We are trying the find the gaskets that goes in the top opening of Sandy Jet sandblaster. Model F-65. If you could help we would appreciate it. If not would you know how we may obtain one. Thanks

  5. Hi, i just purchased the closure gasket for my alc f110dm. It costs $55 shipping included and you can order it on the phone from S H industries.

  6. i have a ALC sandy jet F110, i need the hopper seal at the top of the canister where do i get parts for this blaster thank you.

  7. I have an alc sandy jet model f 110dm .. i also need top sealing gasket, please advise….

  8. I have a few of the seals for the older ALC F110 sand blasters. What I need is the piece that screws into the top of the tank. Anybody have an idea??

  9. I have a ALC sandy jet F110, I needed the closure gasket ( seals the tank opening )
    I made one out of Neoprene rubber #40 from grainger, 3″ & 4″ holesaws and a die grinder with a stone, it seals perfect.
    It beats $50 for a seal that turns into gum when it gets hot from the sun.

  10. I also have an ALC F110DM and I am trying to make a closure gasket like Joe F referenced on 8/8/2011 but need a little more info than he gave. Anyone out there can give me a little more direction, does the gasket fit in the slot, and why do I need to grind down with the grinder. I have made a gasket out of 3/8 inch neoprene and it holds, but it ballons up out of the opening. Hope someone can help.

  11. I bought a model #41001 pressuer blaster that has never been used from a friend of mine. It appears to be all there and assembled correctly other then no ceramic nozzle in the end after the valve on the end of the hose. I also got a new cabinet model #41390 that is not even put together yet but I think all the parts are there????? What I do not know is how to incorperate these two together and what, if any, additional parts I would need. Thanks for any help I could get in this problem. Randy

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