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How To Use A Sandblaster

After reading this article on how to use a sand blaster, you will find that you have practically covered all there is to know about how to use a sand blaster.

Sandblasters are specialized machines nomally utilized to clean up walls, cars, boats and so forth. This kind of machines needs only the half the effort of using sandpaper. If you want to clean old fireplaces or simply remove paint sandblasters are the perfect solution. Four of the main types of abrasive media used in the sandblaster are aluminum oxide, glass beads, black beauty coal and silica sand.

If you are looking for a product that can restore an old object to looking like new, and you are thinking about using a sandblaster, carefully examine the following steps to learn crucial tips on how to properly use sandblasters.


      1.- Close all the valves on the sandblaster, especially the lower sand valve.
      2.- Use a funnel to fill the sandblaster tank with 40 pounds of your chosen media.
      3.- Set up your workstation and put on your protective clothing; welding gloves, respirator, hood and long sleeved shirt.
      4.- Bleed out the machine dryers to rid them of all moisture. After the air supplies are attached turn the pressure up and regulate it at 70 pounds.
      5.- Open the nozzle valve all the way. Close the sand valve. Open the main air valve and charge the tank. Open the sand air valve to 6 o’clock when the tank is pressurized. Close all other valves.
      6.- Open the sand valve slowly after your nozzle is pointing in the proper direction. Safely sandblast the area with the media.

Of course, you will require some elements to apply these steps.

      – Sandblaster machine.
      – Funnel Abrasive media.
      – Welding gloves.
      – Respirator Hood.
      – Long sleeved shirt.
      – Air supplies and compressor.


  1. I didn’t know that sandblasters could be used to clean cars and boats as well as walls and concrete! I would be really worried about the possibility of damaging my property if I was trying to sandblast it myself. Hiring a professional seems like it would be the best way to go for me.

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