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DIY Sandblasting

Many of my readers ask me about sandblasting, but one of the main questions is:

Can I Do Sandblasting Myself?

The easy answer here is no. Of course, with the proper training and experience anyone can master the skill of sand blasting, but for your average homeowner, this is a task best left to the professional.

The process comes with its share of potential hazards. Besides the danger inherent in grits of sand being shot out of a gun at high pressure, this cleaning method can also cause respiratory problems if the practitioner doesn’t take the proper precautions.

The fine silica dust that is a consequence of propelling sand and other materials against rough surfaces at high velocities can accumulate in the lungs over time and cause silicosis. That being the case, only perform sandblasting tasks in a ventilated area while wearing protective suits and the proper respiratory equipment.

Well, folks this is a rational response but my friend Eric is working in a sandblasting information product. This product will be available very soon. And it will allow anyone to properly sandblast your projects without potential hazards and doing a professional work.

I’ll keep you informed.

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