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Etching Glass By Sandblasting

If you have a sandblaster or are thinking of getting one, you can do more with it than just clean parts and old surfaces. With a little creativity you can use it as a glass etching craft. Sandblasting glass has been becoming a very interesting art or craft for many people today. It allows you to abrade areas of a glass in the shape of a design which reveals a frosted image. The area that is sandblasted gets chipped lightly on the surface of the glass. It depends on the grit of the abrasive, so the finer the grit the smoother the frosted image in the glass becomes. Most glass etchers desire a fine grit at about 100 and finer.

In order to frost the design into the glass, you need to create a stencil that will resist and protect the areas that you don?t want frosted. Most people start with a pattern and trace it on the stencil resist material and then cut it out with a razor blade or exacto knife. But there are many more advanced ways to do this also since technology today has becoming more advanced. Once the stencil is cut out and glues on the glass, you can begin sandblasting. There are two types of sandblasters that you can use for this. You can use a pressure pot or a siphon sandblaster to etch glass, but you can usually do more artistic etchings with a pressure pot. Since a pressure pot has much more blasting power, you can etch an image into the glass, formally known as sandcarving. This will allow you to carve an image in a 3 dimensional form. It is then looked at from the backside of the glass because it reveals the sculptured like image best on that side.

If you have a siphon sandblaster, you can create cool glass items also. Most people have a siphon sandblaster since it is a lot cheaper to buy. This is fine to etch glass lightly on the surface. Either way, both sandblasters will allow you to create personalized etchings into your glass piece outlined by your stencil.

Overall this process allows you to create permanently etched glass designs without the need of an expensive laser engraver. But like I said, the pressure pot sandblaster lets you create amazing glass artworks that no other machine will let you. So there you have it, you can do a lot more with your sandblaster than just clean up old parts or buildings.


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