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What Is Wet Sandblasting?

You can think that sandblasting is always dry. The slightest amount of moisture will plug up a blaster. You ever go to the beach and pick up wet sand with your hand?, theres no way that will ever go though a nozzle.

But, in fact, there is a wet sandblasting type. Wet sandblasting is more like powerwashing,where sand is mixed in with the water for abrasive purposes.I’ve seen it used in industrial applications like bridges or on sidewalks.

Wet Sandblasting is a common procedure for removing paint and rust from steel or other metal surfaces. With this procedure we use an abrasive material mixed with the waterjet to create an abrasive spray to create the desired white metal finish, perfect for recoating.

A recent development along the lines of abrasive cleaning is “Water Soluble Media” (baking soda) which offers distinct advantages over wet sand blasting.

For most cleaning and depainting jobs, the new portable soluble media blasting media is largely desirable as disposal costs are usually greatly reduced. Because of the extreme abrasive qualities of different sand and garnet, baking soda based media is often preferred in certain applications such as glass, soft metals, brick and ceramic.

Here you have a small video showing a couple guys making some good time using a wet sandblaster pressure wash.

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