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Sanblast Cabinets | Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Sandblasting Cabinets, Cars, and Other Metal Items

Sandblasting is one of the most used processes when it comes to stripping large surfaces of their dull and aging external finish. This process appeals highly to metal furniture restorers and automobile modifiers, as sandblasting can easily expose metal furniture and car doors down to their barest essentials with excellent stripping results.

Aside from a better abrasive outcome, sandblasting cabinets, chairs, and other furniture and auto accessories to its naked details is much quicker than manually using sandpaper. Once the dull layers of paint, gloss, and rust are removed, a simple cabinet or a car roof can now be restored to its former glory.

The restoration process of a metal fixture, such as a shelf or a chair, lies partly on how the surface has been prepped for the repainting and finishing. Nothing prepares furniture’s surface for a total metamorphosis other then sandblasting. With a smoother bare surface, repainting and placing new details is already halfway done.

But with all that said, sandblasting is no easy matter. In fact, sandblasting cabinets, shelves, and other metal crafts requires a lot of skills as the process can also conjure undesired and adverse effects to the surface and generally to the item being sandblasted.

An overzealous amateur can do a lot of surface damage while sandblasting cabinets, chairs, and other pieces of furniture. Careless sandblasting can wreak more than just a dent on the surface. Most of the time, damages caused by reckless sand blasting can be so severe one might end up buying a new set of furniture because the one slated for restoration is ruined.

There is no doubt that stripping metal items such as steel cabinets, iron-wrought chairs, and tons of car chassis through sandblasting has better results and time-efficient than the physically demanding hand sanding route. But when opting to go with sandblasting, it is best that one should turn the reins to a pro for more desired sandblasting results.

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