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How To Sandblast Etching

This is a question we received many times. Many visitors are interested in the specific process of how to sandblast etching.

Etching is an method of printmaking in which the image is incised into the surface of a metal plate using an acid. The acid eats the metal, leaving behind roughened areas, or if the surface exposed to the acid is very narrow, burning a line into the plate.

Otherwise sandblasting is the process of smoothing, shaping and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds.

Thefore, if you are interested in how to sandblast eching, this means 2 different things.

  • You are interested in getting rid of the previous etching marked in the surface (normally a metal plate) to make a second etching
  • You want to make a sandblst as the first step to treat the material for a later etching process. This way you obtain a different style because non etching treated parts appeared with a sandblast touch.

In any of the two options I recommend you exploring the links in our website to sandblasting suppliers or sandblasting services companies.

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