Sandblasting guns on ebay and auto painting.?

Question: “We have just purchased a horse trailer. It is steel and has some rust on the roof and other parts of the trailer. We want to sand it down and repaint it and are looking at sandblasting. Ebay has a “sand blasting gun” that you hook to a 5HP compessor, would this work to lightly remove the paint and rust? We are then going to prime it and then put an enamal auto paint, probably white b/c we think it might be more forgiving then a darker color, my dad owns a spray gun.

The local body shops are charging $500, we don’t really care how long it takes, but cannot afford that…

Answer: I have done my fair share of sandblasting .. if the spots are really big .. i would say just talk the trailer to a company that sandblast large items . get them to blast the entire trailer .. the you can fix any holes , prime and repaint trailer will look good as new. when you use a portable baster you use a lot of sand and a 5 horse power compressor will not be able to keep up with the demand of air for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time. unless it is a small area .. it will take you weeks and cost a lot ..
it also makes a big mess will sand flying everywhere. Also you have to have a proper clothes can be a big problem. In most cases the money you think you will save by doing it yourself , will turn out to cost you twice as much as you think your saving.

If you can’t find some one in the yellow pages that blast large items, then contact your local auto body shops. They will know of someone for sure.

Concerning the color; yes the lighter the color the less it shows. Also white will be cooler for the horses. Dark colors draw and build a lot of heat.. If you want to add a little color do it on the sides if you must but paint the top white; the horses will be grateful…

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