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Erasing gang graffiti is costly task for any city, property owners Post-Bulletin, MN – Jan 15, 2008 Some graffiti is erased only by sandblasting , and that work is contracted out. A city ordinance requiring the quick cleanup of graffiti went into affect in.

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Meanwhile Dry Ice Blasting offers faster, environmentally sound way to clean.

Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to shoot dry ice pellets to clean in a way similar to sandblasting, but with some major differences. It can clean heavy duty machinery, yet can be gentle enough to clean books. It doesn’t require as much disassembly so less down time is needed.

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  1. Is sandblasting safe for an older building whose walls have recently been patched up to stop water leakage in apartments, such as mine, during heavy rains?
    Thank you.

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