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DIY Sandblaster Mods | Hydro Sandblaster & Work Safety

After some months without activity in this website (due my hard work requirements), I’m writing again new articles with amazing information about sandblasting technique and sandblasters in general.

Today I’m bringing to you a great video of a great couple using a hydro sandblaster to finish their project.  Doug and Kay from SVSeeker use this special type of sandblaster with metal working. As they say:

Two weeks of messing about with it, but our wet sandblaster is working much better. Most of the clogging problems are gone and clogs are much easier to locate and remove. We can now quickly recycle our sand, even when it is still soaking wet as larger stones are removed by an internal screen. …Yeah, you read that right, “Work Safety”.

Enjoy this great video and discover on which project this amazing couple work in…

[leadplayer_vid id=”52BF42F26EB2E”]

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