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I have an outdoor iron rocking chair that I’m looking to get repainted. Unfortunately, it is so rusty that I’m thinking sandblasting the rust (and old paint) off is the way to go (at least for preparing the chair for new paint).

How much should it cost?

Where would I get it done?

Are there sandblasting specialists?

The chair is all iron, approx. 4’x4’x4′


You might inquire at an automotive body shop,one that paints cars,as they most likely have a sandblaster. At the most you will pay the hourly shop rate or maybe one of the guys will do it on the side(after work,of course) and save you a few dolars.

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  1. I would like to konw,plus & minus points of Sand-blasting & shot-blasting,for heavy fabricated machniery parts.Which is better & cost effective?

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