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I have a building that is actually two adjoining buildings under one roof. This means that I have a large brick wall in the middle. I actually like having the brick there, but I would like to clean it. Is it possible to sandblast the interior walls? What issues do I need to take into consideration? If sandblasting isn’t an option, are there any other suggestions for cleaning the walls? One wall is 270 sq ft, so a wire brush isn’t really an option.

Note: everything is unfinished, so I have no framing to worry about and only subfloors.


There truly is no difference in the process whether done outdoors or in. Especially inner city issues require that a ROOM/Shielded space be set in the area of the blasting. That might be accomplished with Tarps over framework in your case.

The blast operator most often wears protective OVER clothing, and certainly a mask/respirator, as well as a helmet of some sort. Containment is the issue, not the effectiveness of the task.


  1. first and foremost, Sandblasting an interior wall is not a big ordeal, but it is dusty! The issue is surrounding interior. What is inside the building? Are there windows close by? What is up and down in the area? ie (open insulation). I can answer most of your questions by email. That is my personal email I didnt give my business because im not sure about what this site may be. Sorry!

  2. How do I sandblast a interior wall. I have the machine but that’s it so what else do I need i.e what sand do I need n is there anything else I need. Thanks

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