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What Is A Sandblasting Stencil?

According to the dictionary a stencil is “a device for applying a pattern, design, words, etc., to a surface, consisting of a thin sheet of cardboard, metal, or other material from which figures or letters have been cut out, a coloring substance, ink, etc., being rubbed, brushed, or pressed over the sheet, passing through the perforations and onto the surface.”

Sandblasting Stencil

Well this is the formal definition, but in the common practice 99% of the uses can be solved with only a film. This film protects the parts of the item we don’t need to sandblast; usually glass. This film works as a sandblasting stencil that is easy to draw on, easy to cut and with an adhesive back.

Sandblasting Stencil Film

As you can notice this is a generic item, but you can also find, at many sandblasting suppliers, predesigned forms and letters. Their use is extremely easy. Just put the adhesive side in contact with the glass and start your sandblasting work.


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