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Hi folks. My question is short and sweet. I need to know if regular sand can be used to sandblast. I have a small project in a few days and I do not want to spend too much money. I understand that the sans I’m gonna use must be completely dry, but can I use regular sand instead of industrial sand?


Well, it depends on the grade of quality you require, but in my humble opinion its not advisable. You need sand that is uniform in size; both for the nozzle of your blaster (it makes it run better and cleaner) and for you to better control the effect of the sandblasting.

Grains of regular sand are not of predictable size and may produce uneven finish; sand used in pro sandblasting are of more even size and will produce more even finish.

My recommendation is clear. Spend a little bit more and use milled silica sand for blasting. It is a consistence size, while it is more expensive then blow sand it is by far the fastest way to achieve optimum results.

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