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Sandblasting Procedure

If you are looking for a proper sandblasting procedure you’ve came to the right place!

You must only consider and take care of three different steps or ingredients to achieve a great sandblasting work.

1.- Use appropiate Dress

Safety must the first thing in any work. Sandblasting is not an exception. There is always a risk associated with sandblasting. You must take especial care with some bodyparts as eyes, skin, and lungs. Don’t forget that you will blow sand out of a nozzle at high speeds.
The sand will be traveling fast enough to bounce off the surface, sending a combination of sand, paint and other materials in your direction. These sand particles will instantly become abrasive to the skin and can cause significant damage if they are inhaled or reach your eyes.


2.- Choose the right materials for your sandblasting project.

Sandblasting mainly requires 2 components:

– An abrasive material like sand.
– compressed air.

For proper material selection I recommend you to explore other article in our website

Article about sandblasting materials.

Concerning the second ingredient of the sandblasting procedure, air compression I must state this factor is crucial. You will need a steady air pressure of at least 70 PSI to blast the sand fast enough, although 100 PSI is preferred.

Most home air compressors can only work at this compression level for a few minutes before they have to be switched off for recharging.  Consider upgrading to a commercial air compressor for sand blasting jobs.


3.- Mantaining the right distance and movement.

The last, but not least, step of a proper sandblasting procedure is keeping the adequate distance and movement. The sandblaster gun must be held from ten to twelve inches from the surface being blasted. Keeping the blaster closer than this range will narrow the impact field to a finer area, but it will also tear through the surface material at a quicker rate if you are not very focused on the task.

You can hold the nozzle farther away as well. The logical consequence obtained from this sandblasting procedure is that the sand will be distributed across a wider area, but it also means it makes more passes to remove the surface layer.

It is also important to keep the sandblaster moving in a sweeping motion at all times. Holding the sand blaster steady on a fixed point can quickly eat a hole in the material.

I hope you’ve got my point about how easy is to achieve a great sandblasting project when you follow this easy sandblasting procedure.

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  1. I want to start a powder coating plant (Starting at home), and need the details and prices of the “not-so-expensive” efficient sandblasting systems that I can use for the preparation process

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