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Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzles

Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzles
Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzles

Interested in ceramic sandblasting nozzles?

If so, then you’ve came to the right place.

One of the crucial part of any sandblasting project is the proper selection of the sandblasting nozzle. A typical sandblasting process  requires the selection of the suitable part for the desired goal. Therefore you need to take extra attention to:

  • Work to be done.
  • Material to be propelled
  • Nozzle to be used and…
  • Objet to be sandblasted.

So, nozzles are an important part of an A+ sandblasting project. The sandblast nozzle is recognized as the part that takes the most impact throughout any job that is done, so it is crucial that you select a sandblast nozzle of the highest quality so that it lasts for a pretty long time and still continues to provide you with the best possible abrasive quality any time you use to perform a job.

Ceramic sandblasting nozzles are one of the many different types of nozzles you can find on the market. Sandblasting provides an excellent abrasive result which gives a very good uniform finished look, but as time goes on, the equipment used for sandblasting will eventually start to wear out.
There are nozzles that are designed using many different type of materials, you can get a nozzle depending on the kind of abrasive that you employ for sandblasting.
Tungsten carbide, for example, are considered to be hard wearing metals and are used for the production of top notch sandblasting nozzle, and can also withstand the high velocities and pressures that are usually involved when sandblasting.
If you are in the process of selecting a sandblasting nozzle, keep in mind that some projects need a higher air pressure. A ceramic model nozzle can comfortably handle a relatively low level of airflow, for example 5 CFM. In order to perform bigger jobs, you will have to acquire a metal nozzle which is known to withstand a much higher level of pressure – for example, a tungsten carbide sandblasting nozzle will be able to deal with a flow of air up to 25 CFM.

This kind of things must be considered when you are thinking about using ceramic sandblasting nozzles.


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  2. I do sandblasting in the Dominican Republic. especially signs for hotels,parks,on ceramic tiles and porcelanate,I also make tombstones of marble and granite stones. What is the recommended nozzle and abrasive to use for this.
    I am using 2/32″ carbide nozzles and can’t always get the aluminum oxide in the market here. Are these the best choice.? Are the tungsten carbide nozzles better for this job?

  3. I like how you said that a crucial part of any sandblasting project is the proper selection of the sandblasting nozzle. I have been thinking of using ceramic sand for sandblasting projects. Thanks for the tips on ceramic sandblasting.

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