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Used Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasters are not the cheapest pieces of equipment you can purchase. Luckily you can acquire the same kind of equipment with minimal fuss. Used sandblasting equipment can be just as effective as brand new equipment. As long as you know that the used sandblasting equipment has been kept in good repair you can use it the same as you would new equipment. Sandblasters are used to clean metal, concrete, stucco, wood, any kind of textured surfaces really. A sandblaster works by projecting abrasive materials with much force at a surface to peel away paint or other stuck on substances. Sandblasters are primarily used to make ready a surface to be water sealed or repainted. Surfaces like brick or stone can be sandblasted to return the original look to them.

Used Sandblasting Equipment
Used Sandblasting Equipment

Used sandblasting equipment can come in many types. Siphon sandblasters are used for smaller jobs and tend to be less expensive than others. A pressure pot sandblaster is used for projects that need a fast and strong blast of sand. Used sandblasting equipment should have a quality sandblasting cabinet. The cabinet is a component of the sandblaster that collects the abrasives to be reused. The abrasive falls through the holes in the shelving and are recycled into the sandblaster. If you are looking for used sandblasting equipment consider portable sandblasters if you think you will need to transport and move the sandblaster around.

Different kinds of abrasives can be employed with used sandblasting equipment. These abrasives can be: aluminum oxide; black beauty coal; glass beads; or the traditional silica sand. Used sandblasting equipment allows you the same kind of results with much less exertion than would be required with sandpaper. If you are sandblasting indoors (for example wood beams, cabinets or wood ceilings) you can use crushed walnut shells as an abrasive. Abrasives typically can be used multiple times.

You should remember that when you have new or used sandblasting equipment that the surrounding areas can be damaged. You should cover the areas you do not wish to be sandblasted. If you are sandblasting outside around neighbors you should let them know in advance so they can move their property and you should be prepared to put up tarps to protect other structures to limit property damage.


  1. We are looking for a sandblasting machine to make wood signs. Can you help us to find the machine and thr material used with machine

  2. I have an Empire Econo-Finish blast cabinet in my garage that I need to sell. It is located in Menifee, ca. I no longer have a compressor that can push the CFM’s. I was in the process of restoring it. It has new seals, hoses, gloves, light, and $300 tungsten tip/gun. Unit weighs about 275-300 lbs. Asking $750

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