Sandblasting, Sandcarving

What is Sandcarving?

You may probably know that sandblasting equipment can be utilized for many other goals. In fact sandblasting technique can be used for sandcarving glass. I always tell my closest friends that sandcarving is one of the most funny hoobies you can do.

Sandcarving glass or, known as glass etching as well is an amazing activity. You can explode the artist you have inside and create works like the one that appears in this photo.

Sandcarving is fascinating because it can be done with many different materials as substrates. You can use wood, metal, stone, concrete, etc…

What is Sandcarving?
What is Sandcarving?

To make a wonderful piece of art using sandcarving technique you must complete 3 different phases.

  1. In the first phase the layer is carved deep with very elevated pressures.
  2. In the second one you create a dimensional look carving one deep layer and another one lighter.
  3. In the final phase you create 3 o more layers to achieve with varied depths a 3D effect.

The more detailed the patterns are and the more phases that you do can increasingly become more complex.  They also become more time demanding.

The user of the sandcarving technique can do more artistic things than they think they are capable. It only requires starting with the sandcarving to really notice how powerful and fascinating the technique of sandcarving is



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