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Sandblast Helmet

What Makes A Sandblast Helmet Perfect?

One of the most important elements of the sandblasting process is the sandblast helmet. Helmets are any of the various forms of protective head covering worn by fire-fighters and any industrial operator who need to minimize risk. In our example is the operator who handles a sandblasting equipment and needs to minimize the risk, especially for his eyes.

If the equipment is small and portable sometimes sandblast helmets are not required because all the work are made inside a small booth or cabinet, but when the scale is bigger the operators need to carry protective equipments. In this case is where sandblast helmets are completely a must.

Sandblast Helmet

This kind of helmets must be abrasion-resistant. This is why polyethylene helmets are recommended, due these sandblast shells are reliable, durable, and NIOSH-approved, with a high pressure control valve or low pressure constant flow valve. Beside a replaceable cape cover band is very recommendable because it prevents abrasives from entering by sealing the top of the durable nylon cape.


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