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Sandblast Media & Materials

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Sandblasting can be used as an accent to your stained glass or fused glass, or it can be the major aspect of your glasswork. With an understanding of the basics and a little creativity, this technical toolset can help create reproducible effects that are otherwise impossible to create.

Sandblasting Methods and Materials

Most materials be sandblasted except for diamond which is harder than all sandblasting media. Stone is regularly sandblasted as a way to create gravestones and memorials. Metal is sandblasted to remove rust and sharp edges or as a way to enhance adhesion of coatings and adhesives. Wood and brick is sandblasted to remove years of paint, oil and dirt and to produce a clean surface for staining and painting. Certain types of plastic can be sandblasted for decorative effects, but the work has to be done very carefully, as the plastic can be much softer than the abrasive and will wear away quickly.

By mixing air under pressure with a hard, particulate abrasive or media, material can be slowly abraded or worn away by directing the abrasive stream onto the surface of the material. The longer the abrasive stream is held in one spot, the more material will be removed. Moving the nozzle closer to the surface decreases the area being blasted, and increases the rate of material removal. By moving further away, the area increases and the rate of removal decreases. If the nozzle is held very close to the material, a hole can be abraded through the surface very quickly.

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  1. I sandblast steel pipe on large natural gas pipelines, seeing as this is all done outdoors I have a hard time with the sun in my eyes. Ive searched in vain for a blast-helmet with a peak (similar to a baseball cap).

    We use Nova helmets and as far as I can tell no one makes any accessories to solve my problem.

    Regard Aaron

  2. Was wondering what would be the best sand blast media for cleaning out knots in pine logs.I know sand seems to be too agressive. I finish off by sanding with 180 grit, but cannot get into dips and knots with sanding.Is there a media that would work for this situation ?

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  4. Hey man just an idea. I do a lot of outside blasting too, I just tape a piece of cardboard on the top of my hood. Not very effective I’m on my back but does the job when I’m on my feet.

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  6. Trying to rebuild a Vermont Castings Defiant Stove. I did the same procedure, maybe 15 years ago. I struggled with a wire brush and a brush on a drill to clean the cast pieces and the grooves that need to fit together.

    I have toyed with the sand blasting idea. Does anyone have any input? What grit material would be most suitable? Other ideas?


    Terry Ready

  7. I sandblast wood and use a carbon type gray sand typically used for glass. The gray sand penetrates or absorbs into the wood, I think, due to the amount of misture in the air. There isn’t a way to get it out of the wood and it leaves a gray tink in areas.

    QUESTUON: I am wondering if there is sand that is clear, white or light tan in color.

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