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Build A Homemade Sandblast Booth

Sandblasting is an easy industrial technique. In fact, itís so easy to learn and use that many people try to build their own homemade sandblast booth. Here is when the things become more complicated, because, although sandblasting booths are easy to build up, most donít reach their desired goal.

Consider that with this article I won’t provide a detailed step-by-step guide of “how to build homemade sandblast booths”, but anyway I will provide you some examples of homemade sandblast booths I’ve discovered in Internet

Build A Homemade Sandblast Booth
Build A Homemade Sandblast Booth

The first one built small sandblast cabinet and he made it from any standard laundry tub available at any hardware or home improvement outlet. He made two holes to allow PVC couplers. Easy, isnít it?

Homemade Sandblast Booth

The second example seems to be a little bit more complicated, but, in fact it is very simple. You can find photos and information describing how to build a very simple indoor sandblasting booth from 6-mil plastic sheeting and a 2×2 wood frame.

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