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Portable Sandblasting Equipment

If you are looking for a portable sandblasting equipment solution you have came to the right website.

As you have probably noticed this website’s goal is not selling to you any kind of heavy duty and expensive blasting equipment. Our principal aim is not even selling cheaper sandblasting solutions. This website objetive is merely providing solid information about sandblasting equipment and about the general aspects of this blasting technique.

Portable Sandblasting Equipment
Portable Sandblasting Equipment

If you are interested in purchasing portable sandblasting equipment I strongly recommend you to explore other sections of our website and even better, explore the sandblasting resources you can find in this website.

With portable sandblasting equipment, you can blast away paint, rust and other non-wanted deposits without the principal cons of heavy duty equipment.

Anyway if you are looking for a great portable sandblasting equipment you must consider some important points before any purchasing decision.

Just explore the resources that appear in our website for further information about portable sandblasting equipment.


  1. I’d like some information on an old ALC sandblast unit. Its the model F-50.I’d like to buy one or get one like it.I’am using my friends and I love it.If you could send me some information on it, that would be great. Thank You.

  2. Hello, just curious about the best way to protect area’s I don’t want blasted that is in close proximity to the metal pipes I will be blasting, Seems like a heavy duty tarp would be the way to go – I found some very large military grade tarps, but just seeing if there’s any other protective textiles I could use that wouldn’t be to high priced. Thanks!

  3. Sir
    I need help regards sandblasting on silver hollow Idols. Pls suggest suitable sandblasting media.Now I am using sand but performance is poor.I think to use tube light glass grit.So please suggest may I right or use another media.which refractive Index is high.

    Rajesh Waingade

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