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Learning How to Sandblast

What is Sandblasting?

A relatively new method of cleaning newly built masonry is dry sandblast cleaning and one really needs to learn how to sandblast in order to learn all its intricacies and uses. Sandblast cleaning is used and in fact, preferred by architects as well as engineers who typically use it instead of conventional cleaning due to the fact that it does not have adverse effects, like acid reaction.

However, there are also still those, such as designers who do not favor sandblasting because they fear that blasting will erode the brick’s face as well as mortar joints.

The sandblast operator is very similar to a construction tradesman and a well qualified sandblast operator, who follows instructions properly, will enable sandblast cleaning to be superior to other systems. The basic functions that need to be understood in regards to learning how to sandblast are that it needs the use of portable air compressors, blasting tanks, blasting nozzles, operator’s protective clothing as well as hoods.

When learning how to sandblast one needs to understand that air pressure should be delivered by a compressor to the blasting tank at 40lbs. to 100lbs. per square inch. In addition, the blasting tank needs to be charged with certain abrasive material and should also be pressurized so that the mixture of abrasive material and air is forced into the blasting hose as well as to the nozzle.

Also, when learning how to sandblast, the pattern of blasting can be found by considering the size of the nozzle as well as its type and the air pressure. To find out the speed of cleaning, the type of abrasive used, size of the nozzle, its type and pressure of air as well as distance-to-wall should be considered along with  the condition of the surface that needs cleaning. Mostly, sand is used as abrasive material when cleaning bricks, though quartz and granite are also used and, these should be clean and finely graded.

The cleaning material used in sandblasting should adhere to the particle size that is specified as being either Type “A” or Type “B”. Type “A” is used for masonry which is very little soiled or when light or to permit delicate texturing of the brickwork. Type “B” is used to clean heavy mortar stains from brickwork and to permit medium texturing of the masonry.

The matter of how to sandblast is best understood when one understands its reasons for use. For example, sandblast cleaning can be used to clean all hard burned, non-glazed, smooth or textured brick while lightly sanded, coated, slurry or sandbox brick is not suited for cleaning by sandblasting, unless there is no other choice open to the user.

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22 responses to “Learning How to Sandblast”

  1. Karl says:

    Is there anywhere i can get training in sandblasting?

  2. Ron says:

    At Memorial Design we have a class that will teach you monumental shape/carving and sandblast. Go to and click on the Sandblast training page.

  3. Interested in learning to sandblast

    Thanks Heidi

  4. Dovhani says:

    I am in south africa and is there any chance for me to get a proper training in relation to sandblasting.

    Will be glad if you can send me the contact details of relavant guys who can offer the training.

  5. bill says:

    I am trying to engrave letters in brick pavers. What psi do I need to use for this.

  6. w pride says:

    were can i learn to sandblast as i iam looking for a career change are there any courses that teach

  7. Moruf says:

    Just want to start sandblast job. Wish to continue getting info from you cos your site is very educative. Keep it up

  8. How readily available is the machinery to do this as a diy hobby?

  9. Oscar says:

    Sandblasting requires a significant amount of volume. For a hobby or DIY, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you have a portable compressor, i.e. 5HP garage type unit. Sandblasting will not work too longe before the tank looses all pressure.

  10. miguelangel says:

    How much dose a sandblaster should get pay not a pro but just starting

  11. lou says:

    i would like to know where i can get ready made rubber stencials or silicone letters 4 sandblasting on boulders ect

  12. Ray Adams says:

    Would like to learn how toy sandblast wood signs but can’t seem to find a supply Co. or the right intel for the stencil or sand ….. any help ???

  13. Frik STRYDOM says:

    We do sandblasting on a mine to remove white wash from hanging & sidewalls before we can shotcrete, the mine requires training on sandblasting with the necessary certificates. Who can give accredited training on sandblasting? Thanks

  14. PHIRUN CHAN says:

    i do as a handy man for painting, all the time in my company looking for sandblaster, so i want to training, but i do not know where i have to go to, that’s why i ask you who can give accredted training on sandblasting?

  15. stanley says:

    I m looking for sandblasting training school around JHB.
    011 0753728

  16. bheki says:

    hi,i would like to know where can i get training on sandblasting as a contact 0719253076

  17. Erik says:

    Any ideas where I can learn how to sandblast monuments and stone??

  18. JJ Nieuwenhuis says:

    To whom it may concern
    I am interested in 3D Sand Blasting but require training. Where or who can I contact to assist me.

    JJ Nieuwenhuis

  19. Faheem says:

    Hi, I got job offer in gulf country as a sandblaster, I don’t have any idea abt sandblasting, but the company gonna give training. Can any one tell me is this sandblast job very very hard??

  20. Zack says:

    I am also looking for sand blasting training in Jhb or a company that is willing offer me internship. 0827531299

  21. Zack says:

    Hi. I am looking for Sand blasting training around Jhb , or a company that’s willing to take me as an internship. 082 753 1299.

  22. Dane Gatt says:

    I am a fully qualified Vehicle Spray Painter looking to train as a Sandblaster. Where can I get some experience and qualifications? I live in the Newcastle NSW area.

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