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How to Build Sandblasting Cabinet

A Simple and Cost Effective Means on how to Build Sandblasting Cabinet.

If you want to build sandblasting cabinet then the best product to try out is The Stanblast which is a sandblasting cabinet assembly that is collapsible, lightweight as well as portable and at the same time can maintain a large working volume. To build sandblasting cabinet, The Stanblast comprises of a folding frame as well as a flexible enclosure that is made out of PVC that is attached to the folding frame.

In this enclosure is a hopper and mesh floor and there is also a removable door that can be fastened to the enclosure of the cabinet, when in use.

To build sandblasting cabinet first, using the boxing tape, one needs to seal up the bottom seams of the box both on the inside and outside. To build sandblasting cabinet, you then have to remove the top flap on the front of the would-be cabinet and place it in the underside so that it functions as a cushion that protects the tape from the parts that will be blasted. Remember to keep the side flaps vertical and fold the back flap inwards at say, 45 degrees angle and then trim the side flaps and tape the rear flap to the side flap and close up the seams.

You will then need to cut a piece of plastic sheeting and lay it on a work surface and by using the scrap of Plexiglas as an outline one needs to then trace its sketch out in the centre of the plastic sheeting. In the hole in the sheeting the Plexiglas should be laid and taped into place around the outer limits of the hole so that the viewing area will have been created.

To the front of the box two small arm holes need to be cut and the holes should be just large enough to get the forearms in. Remember that too big a hole will cause the sand to blow out. Then, there is need to cut two small holes for the hoses that will supply air as well as sand and these holes should be one above the other. This is also the right time to place a light inside the box and a small fluorescent light would suffice.

All that needs to be done now to complete and build sandblasting cabinet is to mount the plastic sheeting along with the viewing window and these should be taped at the pinnacle and on one side and care should be taken to leave an entry flap to place and retrieve parts. Then the hoses should be run through the holes and the blasting gun may be connected. The sandblasting cabinet is now ready for operations.


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