Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasting equipment is the kind of machinery specialized in sandblasting. According to the wikipedia sandblasting is a type of abrasive blasting industrial technique. Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

Therefore sandblasting equipment can be used for many different purposes. In general sandblasting equipment posses many specialized applications like

    • The lettering and engraving on most modern cemetery monuments and markers is created by abrasive blasting.
    • Sandblasting can also be used to produce three dimensional signage. This type of signage is considered to be a higher end product as compared to the flat signs. These signs often incorporate gold leaf overlay and sometimes crushed glass backgrounds which is called smalts.
    • Sandblasting can be used to refurbish buildings or create works of art (carved or frosted glass). Modern masks and resists facilitate this process, producing accurate results.
    • Sandblasting techniques are used for cleaning boat hulls, as well as brick, stone and concrete work. Sandblasting is used for cleaning industrial as well as commercial structures, but is rarely used for non-metallic workpieces.
Sandblasting Equipment
Sandblasting Equipment

Different companies are there all around the world to produce these equipments in a very sophisticated manner. They have a very intelligent market network for supplying these equipments to the respective industry components.

Competition is as well high as in case any industry today.

In any case most popular sandblasting equipment are:

  • Aerolyte Cabinets & Equipment
  • Blast Cabinets Pulsar & BNP
  • Blast Hose & Nozzles
  • Blast Machine Accessories
  • Blast Machines
  • Blast Machine Contractor
  • Blast Room Recovery Systems
  • Cabinet Accessories
  • Helmets & Safety Equipment
  • Nozzle Holders & Couplings
  • Speciality Sandblasting Equipment

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