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Sandblasting Custom Wood Signs


I want to start making some custom wood signs using sandblasting. I’ve seen lots of different sandblasting kits and hoppers, and I’ve not found anywhere what is used for the masking.

Can you help with this?


“Resist” is the mask used to keep the abrasive off the areas you don’t want blasted. Hand cut masks are made by literally cutting the design out of a piece of material that will resist the abrasive long enough to get the effect you want on the wood.

You can draw on the resist or transfer the design with carbon paper.A good way is to print the design life size – Then use Spray Mount glue on the back side of the paper, stick it directly on the resist and cut through both to create the mask.Make sure to keep your knives sharp at all times or the mask will stretch as you cut it.Some start out using Contac brand paper for their first hand cut masks. It’s cheap, but it has its problems. The glue may not remove easily and it often takes several layers if you are using an aggressive material such as iron bits.

Layering makes it not so cheap but it is easily available. Use the
foam cushioned type for deeper cuts. It lasts a little longer and costs about the same. Several companies make vinyl and rubber resists intended for sandblasting. you get a better product for your money. They vary in thickness, The 8 to 25 mil varieties from 3M, Anchor
Continental and others cut easily and work well. To find sandblasting
resists, check in stained glass magazines for ads, ask at a local stained glass shop or do an Internet search. Another possible source is a commercial shop that advertises sandblasting work.

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  1. Jeff Kloster says:

    I sandblast wooden signs and need supply companies for nozzles, footswitch diaphrams, resist, light colored (white, tan) resist, etc. I live in Wisconsin… Fox Vally area, but can purchase online from anywhere. Thank you.

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