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Sandblasting equipment & supplies latest info | The technique of sand blasting smoothes, shapes and cleans surfaces easily.


Sandblasting is the process of using compressed air to propel abrasive media at a surface to clean, (usually paint & rust),debur, or to prepare a surface for a coating of some sort.

There are two kinds of sandblasters: “Suction” / “Siphon”” & “Pressure” Blast Systems. Pressure systems are ten times faster & much more effective, but also quite a bit more expensive.

There are two basic kinds of sand blasters: Blast Cabinets & Portable Blasters

There is a huge variety of abrasive blast media out there each has its purpose. One you want to stay away from is Silica Sand. Blasting with Silica sand causes Silicosis of the lungs…Do Not Ever Use It!!!

If you are looking to blast hand tools, such as saw blades, wrenches, etc., I’d recommend blasting them in a sandblast cabinet. (A “Suction/Siphon” cabinet would probably be sufficient…)

Sandblast Cabinets have adequate lighting, a dust collector, and two gloves you place you hands inside to blast within the cabinet. One nice part about blasting inside a cabinet is that all the dust is contained, so no respirator is needed. They are also relatively quiet, and some have abrasive separators which allow you to get the maximum life out of the abrasive blast media & consequently save money.

Below you will find the steps of a typical sandblasting process inside a cabinet:

  • Open Door
  • Place Item inside
  • Close Door
  • Turn On The Power
  • Place Your Hands Inside The Gloves
  • Grab The Blast Hose, or Suction Gun
  • Step On The Foot Pedal
  • Blast Surface
  • Blow-Off Item with Blow-Off Nozzle (Inside Cabinet)
  • Inspect
  • Repeat Blast If Needed
  • Open Door
  • Remove Item

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  1. Tartip says:

    I want to know compressed air need for sand blast process (pressure(bar) and air capacity (l/s))

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    for sand blast process pressure bar &air capasity(1/s))

  4. Ashish Ramesh Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for Basic Information
    I want detail information like
    how to check Quality of Sand Blasting
    What is its effect apart from asthetic
    does it improves Mechanical PROperties (Hardness YS UTS)

  5. Ravikant Thakur says:

    Would u like to give detail about how to measurement press-o-film for surface roughness cheack in micohms by using micrometer.

  6. Vishnu says:

    Can we use sand blasting process for cleaning wet and greesy surfaces

  7. T.Rajesh Singh says:

    I want detail information, can this use to remove of cars paint if so pls provide in details.

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  9. aman says:

    what is the importance of sand blasting in casting of concrete panels?

  10. Kay says:

    What surface profile do you get with sand blasing (using river sand) ?

  11. sigit rahardja says:

    saya punya tanki untk solar 1000l,tebal pelat 10mm, untuk sandblasting berapa ukuran grit partikel pasir yg di tembakan,dan berapa ketebalan undercoat+cat finsh berapa micron?

  12. sir we need to sand blasting work. we can do sandblasting and spray painting service low work at site only.

  13. vinaymankoo says:

    we are the fabricators manufactres of tank our client has sent a mail in which he write pls making a oil tank with fabrication sandblasting on the both side i.e outer & inner surface to be carried out on tank pls clear us what is sandblasting & what is the importace of sandblasting in tank & what is the process
    thanking you

  14. sai kumar says:

    i need inspection procedure for sand blasting plz send me the procedure

  15. topman says:

    what are the process to sandblast inside a tank.

  16. hammed says:

    I will love to come for a sand blasting training or seminar because I want know more of sand blasting. Thanks

  17. Asiimwe Angella says:

    I need to know how much one can charge to have 4″ G.I pipes of 6m longs sand blasted

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  19. Sohail says:

    Please send me the details about Sandblasting in oil Tank.

  20. boogeyhead says:

    what is typically the ratio of compressed air to the amount of blast media in the hose? I’ve seen 10% media and 90% air. Are these good numbers or should I expect a much different ratio? I’m looking at a big job and wondering what effect the weight of the media will have on the total weight of the hose.

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  22. shabbir shaikh says:

    Can we do sandblasting and painting steel tank plates before fabrication or construction tank ?
    shabbir shaikh

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