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Sandblasting Hood

Sandblasting Hood | Very Useful Tool For The Sandblast User.

Sandblasting Hood is a protective device used whenever you use sandblasting. Sandblasting hood protects especially the face area of the sandblasting user. Normally they are rugged, but a very comfortable protection. They are perfect for use in many abrasive blasting applications.
Sandblasting Hood

Sandblasting Hood

The main goal of sandblasting hood is protect eyes from rebounding abrasive with our high-quality blast hood.
I must note that sandblasting hoods do not provide ANY respiratory protection.
Blast hoods are designed to protect the eyes and face of user from abrasives, but not from the dust. I recommend you always use appropriate respiratory protection when using abrasive blasting equipment, even if you are already wearing a sandblasting hood.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information with us. The sandblasting is part of the abrasive blasting and the equipment above is useful for the work in the future.

  2. Mr Attwood says:

    I require a Hood and a hose coupling for the nozzle end can you let me know how much they will cost? thx………………………..

    phone 07799363643

  3. Randy Grebe says:

    I need To buy the cheapest blast hood in stock

  4. John Kennedy says:

    Hello, im in desperate need of a sandblasting hood, can you send me a price and how to order one?


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